Five myths about peer to peer lending in India

Published on May 1, 2021

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In this video, we will discuss the myths about peer to peer lending in India.

We will try to clarify the air around these myths with detailed explanations.

P2P lending is an emerging asset class in India with a number of P2P lending platforms operating successfully, some of them are i2i Funding, Faricent, Lenden Club, RupeeCircle, Cashkumar, Finzy, etc

Please note that this is NOT a paid promotion of any P2P lending platform.

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Is Peer to Peer Lending Good

Is Peer to Peer Lending Good, Five myths about peer to peer lending in India.

Peer To Peer Finance – Part 1 – The Probelm

With rates so low, there is no mystery why people are looking for any way possible to get a better return on their savings. A number of people come together to invest in this business. The return on government bonds does not normally exceed 2%.

Five myths about peer to peer lending in India, Explore latest full length videos relevant with Is Peer to Peer Lending Good.

Top 5 Reasons To Invest With Peer To Peer Lending

The rates can be lower since the lenders are bidding on the rates they will accept. To counter this, investors usually diversify their portfolios. Alternatively, consider making your payments via a secured credit card.

Many people think that they are good at managing their money. Experts also say that when they ask their clients, most of them are emphatic that they have made the right investments. This may be because they may be getting reasonably fair returns from the investments they have made. But, they do not know that things may not remain the same always. Only when a financial crisis occurs, these investors will realize that whatever “right” investment decisions they have made were wrong choices.

There are actual debt consolidation lenders who differ from the usual Peer-to-peer lending investment companies and banks. They offer loans to people opting for this type of debt relief but are having a difficult time succeeding because of a bad credit score. While they may be more inclined to provide you with a loan, the interest rate that will be given to you will be based on your credit standing.

In today’s real estate market, many LTV’s are between 50 – 60%. This means that real estate values would have to drop by half before your principal investment would be at risk. At no time in history has this ever happened, so for the most part, this is considered a very acceptable risk. On top of this, there is a second layer, or level of protection for investors. It’s called the Buyout Agreement. This is a contract whereby you are guaranteed to get your money back if the borrower defaults for any reason on your note. Keep in mind that this second layer of protection is not offered by most trust deeds, so you must ask for it.

Factor in some liquid investments. Part of diversification is the reason why some of your investments should be in more liquid assets. At some point, you may be confronted with an emergency requiring some financial expenditure. The liquid assets in your portfolio always come in handy in cases Peer-to-peer lending of emergency.

Shares have traditionally outperformed other asset groups over time. However, share markets can widely fluctuate in the short term, so any entry into the market should always be done with a long-term view of up to 10 years. Even the best managed share funds can fall if the stock market crashes or enters a severe downward cycle. As long as you ensure that you are with a reputable fund with good managers and are willing to ride the ‘waves’, your investment will do well in the long-term. If you are in the short-term, low risk category then your Investments should be in the safer, more stable areas with lower returns.

Passive income is a great way to earn extra without too much effort. It simply describes money-making techniques that you only have to work at once and then forget about. You exert time, money and effort in the beginning and it will keep generating income even after you have stopped paying attention to it.

Before you invest your hard-earned dollars, it’s important to talk with a trusted advisor about what is best for you and your situation. Everyone is different, and your level of risk tolerance may be higher or lower than others. Do you due diligence and research before investing in any product, including Trust Deeds.

Peer to peer lending is what happens when there is less bank involvement. In Micro financiers and a small web company called Kiva. This is because those provinces have allowed Canada to collect their provincial sales taxes for them.

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