How Peer-to-Peer Lending Works in DeFi |

Published on March 31, 2021

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One of the goals of Bitcoin originally was to facilitate Peer-to-peer financial transactions. Now with the growth of Ethereum, and other chains, we are seeing the increased ability to perform peer-to-peer P2P lending in Decentralized Finance.

The goal has been to use Blockchain technology to perform P2P loans in a way that is not reliant on banks or other intermediaries. We use Blockchain and other Decentralized Ledger Technologies create the request for the loan, facilitate the matching of parties, enable the smart contract that controls the terms and escrow, and control the collateral.

The packaging of all these parts of the transaction in trustless way forms the basis of so many more DeFi applications:

Credit Unions
Trade Finance

The explanation here is important as we move on to additional applications. These are taking place initially on Ethereum, but are also being built on other Blockchains.

On Tezos, we see P2P lending apps being built to use Security Tokens as collateral.

Using Cosmos, we see chains being built to bridge to assets and cryptocurrencies denoted on other chains. For example, we can see a loan on Algorand being collateralized with Bitcoin.

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How p2p Lending Works

How p2p Lending Works, How Peer-to-Peer Lending Works in DeFi |

Person-To-Person Loans – You Can Earn Better Returns

You can get a loan this way, but your rate of interest will be rather high. There are actual debt consolidation lenders who differ from the usual lending companies and banks. Let us consider an example of investment in a small local business.

How Peer-to-Peer Lending Works in DeFi |, Find top videos about How p2p Lending Works.

How To Get A Loan With A Bad Credit

Just because this isn’t having an impact on the ‘real’ economy it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Usually the cost to you is reasonable, sometimes not so reasonable. Remember, when it comes to your Investments, you are still the boss.

Trying to prepare for the future, financially, is something that should be started as early as possible. When people initially begin making these preparations, they think about investing. Yet, not everyone is equipped with the knowledge that they need to make wise investment choices.

There is something online that is called “Peer-to-peer lending investment” borrowing, a person loans money at an agreed upon rate to someone else. These sites are trusting individuals that you don’t know, may not care much about your best interests and may not use your information in a legal way. They also are not held to federal lending laws so be very cautious with these sites.

Record everything down in a notebook. Keep track of contact names and their contact information. Along with that keep your contacts updated on what is going on during this whole process.

The major idea with Peer-to-peer lending is that you will usually find lower rates plus you avoid much of the complications that occur when you go through a bank. “P to P” lending is not a haven for those with bad credit or those seeking to avoid scrutiny; but it might be something to get your started.

Avoid high-risk Investments. These include risky business ventures, highly speculative stock, tax avoidance schemes or too-good-to-be-true propositions that promise unusually high returns.

Whatever the situation may be, this is a viable solution to your problems. Here, you never have to wait for your monthly settlement payments again. Here, you get to have most of the money that is due to you immediately. However, how does this process work?

However, the risk seems to be all on the lender’s side when it comes to actual money. The only risk that borrowers appear to run is defaulting on the loan and the resultant hit to the credit score and the gentle attentions of collection agencies.

There are people or institutions that are willing to lend you a helping hand. You should not count on your book or coke collection to pay for during your retirement years! I feel that investing is useless if there is no potential in the investment.

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