How to Invest in International Mutual Funds the right way?

Published on April 20, 2021

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International mutual funds have gained much popularity with Indian investors in the last 2-3 years. These international funds serve two advantages in terms of a) diversification and b) performance alpha – which augurs well with investors in India. In this video, ETMONEY’s Shankar Nath explores the many facets of investing abroad including different structures, styles and type of international funds. We also look into some strategies that one can employ when investing internationally and some specific red flags that one needs to watch out for

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00:51 Definition of International Mutual Fund
01:44 Structures of International Mutual Funds
06:56 Investing in Specific Geographies
10:38 Different Styles of Investing
13:42 How to Invest in International Funds

Link of worksheet which includes specifics of 44 international funds :


The SEBI definition of an international equity fund is one where over 80% of the scheme’s assets are invested in equities or equity-linked assets of a foreign country

By that definition, there are currently 44 different international funds that manage a little over ₹15,000 crores in assets


From the entire universe of 44 international funds, the Indian AMCs themselves manage only 7 funds while the rest 37 funds are managed under a fund of funds structure

A fund of funds (FOF) is basically a mutual fund that invests in other mutual fund schemes in a feeder fund setup.

For example – the recently launched SBI International Access US Equity Fund invests the money collected from Indian investors in the Amundi US Pioneer Fund. Other AMCs have signed up similar arrangements with DSP Mutual Fund investing in Blackrock funds, Edelweiss Mutual Fund in JP Morgan Funds, Axis Mutual Fund in Schroders and Aditya Birla AMC investing in Julius Baer funds. Fund houses like Franklin Templeton, Invesco India, PGIM India, Principal India and HSBC India have international parents and the Indian arms tend to align with their foreign parents

One important point that needs further examination with FOF setups is the expense ratio of international fund schemes. Always remember, both funds i.e. the feeder fund and the underlying fund have expenses which needs to be paid for by the investor.


International mutual funds offer many options today in terms of geographies like Japan, China, the ASEAN countries, Europe, Brazil and ofcourse, the United States. And then if you don’t want to be picky about choosing a particular country, one can always opt for funds which have a mandate to invest globally.


There are four considerations to look out for:
1. Theme or sector of the international fund
2. Growth fund or value fund
3. Market capitalization
4. Actively managed or passively managed fund


International funds dispense a number of advantages which include diversification, a weak correlation to the Indian markets, a boost in returns due to currency depreciation and some interesting investing ideas which are generally not available with domestic equity funds

From a pure performance perspective, about 75% of the international funds have beaten the Nifty 50 over the last 5 years

Here are some steps one can take in the selection of an international mutual fund:
1. Identify the sub-category of international funds that will be a best fit for you
2. Geography or location
3. Performance of fund
4. Expense ratio
5. Scheme characteristics

And our final suggestion will be for you to continue using the systematic insurance plan or SIP process of investing for international mutual funds like one would generally do with domestic equities.

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Good International Funds

Good International Funds, How to Invest in International Mutual Funds the right way?.

How To Invest And Diversify

This is the sort of stock you desire to own and even include to your position as it continues upward. Both the sender and the recipient are required to pay a fee for using the service. Investing for retirement can be extremely confusing.

How to Invest in International Mutual Funds the right way?, Find interesting full videos relevant with Good International Funds.

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The allotment for Moderate financiers was left the same. It is never ever too early to begin investing for retirement. Often management hands off the task to the representative of a fund household or other advisory service.

Every financier’s retirement investment preparation situation is distinct, and you need to make all the decisions which are right for your own situation. Utilize the following points to promote your thinking, to utilize as a list and make your relocations.

STOCK FUNDS are the most popular and the riskiest type of fund. The cost of their shares will flucuate, often going to extremes. When you hold shares in a stock fund you are purchased stocks. Normally speaking, as goes the stock market, so goes the worth of your stock fund. The goal of these funds: development (higher returns), possibly with modest earnings from dividends. There are many ranges consisting of growth funds, worth funds, International Funds and specialty funds.

In 2007 the continuing rise in realty simply could not continue for ever. It was mathematical difficult. When the market was flooded with additional houses and the costs began to fall, homes stopped getting developed and. Lots of poor people never ever stood an opportunity of remortgaging. It was just logical to me. When you get rid of the fundamental principles of finances things need to go incorrect. The practice was so extensive as we were informed for 2-3 years prior to Oct 2008. It had to bring about a collapse. There was no other method. I simply didn’t recognize that it was such an International Mutual Funds practice till until it in fact broke down.

There are simply a couple of easy rules to follow to produce true wealth the low-stress method. First, your returns actually do not depend on picking stocks. Your returns depend on assigning your properties properly – over 90 percent of financial investment returns are determined by how financiers designate their wealth, versus choosing stocks or timing the market. Property allotment is how you divide your investment portfolio among three kinds of financial investments – stocks, bonds and cash. For example, if you desire maximum growth without any increase in threat, allocate 70% to stocks. 20% to bonds and 10% to cash.

Today’s stock market (end of 1999) we see the upward momentum of nearly all the major stock averages – the DOW Jones Industrials, the S&P 500, the Russell 2000 and much more. A few of these indexes are headed for the stratosphere. No, I have no idea how high or how far is up, however remain 100% invested to make the most of this runaway bull. When to sell, the market will inform me.

For a more active method to investing, let a professional guide your steps. Get ideas from a financial adviser. Anthony Robbins, Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki and Esther Hicks are some of the very best International Funds Investment financial masters of our time.

Both financial investment choices belong in the average investor’s portfolio, and you don’t need to handle excessive threat to own both. Equity funds (shared funds) are the response to how to buy 2010 and going forward. Diversified equity funds that purchase U.S. companies and funds that invest internationally ought to be held for long-term growth and greater returns over the long term. Equity funds that focus on the precious metals sector should be held as a hedge versus unpredictability. These rare-earth elements funds own shares in business that mine and process the yellow metal in addition to silver and other rare metals. When these commodities rise in price, fund investors go along for the trip.

Take note of London Interbank used rate or LIBOR. The lower it is, the greater the likelihood that banks want to provide freely. Historically LIBOR is truly near Fed Funds rate which stand at 2%. Presently LIBOR fluctuated in between 3% – 6% which means banks still see a substantial danger in the market.

Frequently management hands off the duty to the agent of a fund household or other advisory service. Perhaps include a shorter-term mutual fund in addition to the intermediate fund.

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