Is BF3 Polar or Non-polar? (Boron Trifluoride)

Published on June 10, 2021

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Learn to determine if BF3 is polar or nonpolar based on the Lewis Structure and the molecular geometry (shape).

We start with the Lewis Structure and look and the polarity of the individual bonds in Boron trifluoride based on the electronegativity difference between atoms. Then we will use VSEPR to determine the shape of the molecule and look at how the shape of the molecule allows us to determine if the entire molecule is polar or nonpolar.

Lewis Structure for BF3:

If you look at the Lewis Structure for BF3 it appears to be a symmetrical molecule. However, to determine if BF3 is polar we consider the molecular geometry. A polar molecule results from an unequal/unsymmetrical sharing of valence electrons. For Boron trifluoride the molecule is symmetrical and therefore it is a nonpolar molecule.

While there may be unequal sharing of electrons in the individual bonds, in a nonpolar molecule like BF3 these bonds are evenly distributed and cancel out. There is no net dipole and the BF3 is non-polar.
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Are the Individual Bonds in Water Polar

Are the Individual Bonds in Water Polar, Is BF3 Polar or Non-polar? (Boron Trifluoride).

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Is BF3 Polar or Non-polar? (Boron Trifluoride), Play interesting complete videos related to Are the Individual Bonds in Water Polar.

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