P2P Lending Showdown with CEOs of P2P Lending Companies | SeedlyTV S1E07

Published on May 27, 2021

Interesting clips highly rated Yielding Wine Investments, the Best Investments for 2011, Financial Crisism Inflation or Deflation, Free Loan Quote, and Who Can Use p2p Lending, P2P Lending Showdown with CEOs of P2P Lending Companies | SeedlyTV S1E07.

For this episode of SeedlyTV, we have the CEOs of 4 P2P Lending companies in Singapore – Funding Societies, CoAssets, Minterest and Capital Match.

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Here’s what we covered:
0:40-2:15– What’s happening at Seedly
2:40-8:40– Introduction of the 4 P2P Lending companies on board
9:20-10:09– Seedly Reviews
10:10-18:07– Icebreaker
18:30-19:57– Why is there a need for P2P lending?
19:59-20:30– P2P Lending Promo Codes!
21:00-25:45– Why do borrowers choose to take alternative financing via your platform, when they could just take bank loan from banks?
25:49-29:04– Are there any cornerstone investors, sponsor, accredited investor, institutional investors who have taken up the P2P loans? If no, why not?
29:30-35:10– Why don’t the P2P companies raise seed funding from venture capital or angel investors to put into the P2P loans?
35:14-36:25– Any P2P platform has a reputable listed company or blue chip company as a borrower?
36:46-41:35– I have a few defaults (won’t mention which platform), still pending court process and recovery. Is there any hope of getting some back? Or is it totally lost?
42:21-43:05– What are the factors people should focus on when looking through the statistics of a P2P lending company?
43:13-48:17– There are so many platforms to choose from. What is the main feature that sets you apart from your competitors?
48:50-53:15– Are there any national statistics on the 2008-2009 crisis time default rates of SMEs or companies of similar profile on the P2P platforms?
53:30-55:23– What’s the outlook on investing in P2P loans with cryptocurrency?
55:30-59:27– Why isn’t there a requirement for companies to put up collateral for P2P loans? Such that in a default at least the collateral can help investors recover some investment back?

Only questions in this link will be answered, so ask away!

Who Can Use p2p Lending

Who Can Use p2p Lending, P2P Lending Showdown with CEOs of P2P Lending Companies | SeedlyTV S1E07.

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