Warren Buffett on Investing in Chinese Stocks

Published on May 27, 2021

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Warren Buffett speaks on investing in China and investing in Chinese stocks. Chinese stocks have been extremely volatile throughout 2018 and so far in 2019 as well. Many investors are fearful of investing in Chinese stocks, but, is Buffett investing in China now?

I share a clip from a recent interview with Buffett on investing in China and I also follow up the video with 2 Chinese stocks to consider buying now.

Now 2 great stocks to look at right now are BABA and TCEHY – which are some great Chinese giants that have been struggling thanks to the trade tensions. However over the long term if you’re like Buffett, there may be good value in these businesses to put your money into and let it work itself out over time.

1) Alibaba Stock – BABA Stock – http://bit.ly/2m3WB7Z
This is my favorite Chinese stock and for good reason as well. BABA has been a company that consistently beats analysts expectations, posting strong growth, and is expected to keep growing as well. They are well diversified in many growing sectors like eCommerce and cloud, and they post phenomenal double digit growth here year after year. BABA’s stock has been rocked the last year and a half, and I believe investors have priced in the bad news for BABA, and the upside here is massive with EPS expected to continue growing, BABA is looking very cheap from a forward PE standpoint and this is supported by their strong revenue growth as well which is showing no signs of slowing down. This is why I would include BABA as a serious consideration for a Chinese stock investment.

2) Tencent Stock – TCEHY Stock – http://bit.ly/2m8A7Tn
The second company I would look at is Tencent. Similar to BABA, this is a Goliath company in China that has it’s hands in so many different growing industries like gaming and social media and this company should only keep getting larger as more Chinese consumers gain access to the internet. TCEHY recently had its first EPS miss in a very long time, which is contributing to this stock to keep hovering near it’s 52-wk lows. Regardless of this miss, TCEHY is expected to grow earnings in the next few quarters by 47% and 33% respectively – which is astronomical growth – considering how large they already are. Like BABA, their PE continues to get more attractive, and Revenue continues to keep ballooning year after year – showing that this company is also one that has no signs of slowing down it’s growth and expansion. TCEHY stock is actually following the MCHI ETF index chart very closely as well and it’s current sitting closer to it’s 52 week low than 52 week high. At it’s lows the stock corrected near 50%, implying that a lot of negative news is priced in here as well. So the upside potential, should we see a trade deal in the future, is very high for Tencent.

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